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Designed to empower and inspire, the Summer Intensive Program at Bergen Community College offers students a dynamic and transformative educational experience. A highly rigorous and challenging college bridge, college achievement and leadership development program, the Summer Intensive Program enhances our students’ academic and intellectual achievement, career and professional growth, leadership, and civic engagement skills. 

you belong.



Summer Intensive students are visionary, goal-driven and action-oriented students who embody core principles that lead to success.   

They are life-long learners who possess the knowledge, strength of character, creativity, and drive to impact the modern world.



Students are engaged in service projects that provide invaluable opportunities for talent development and professional growth that increases a student’s confidence and sense of purpose. 



The Summer Intensive Program empowers students with a rigorous, strengths-based curriculum balanced with a nurturing, supportive, 

and motivational environment designed to create a sustaining and cohesive culture of intellectual and academic achievement, positive self-esteem, & leadership growth.

Andy Deleon

Summer Intensive 2017

“The Summer Intensive Program is not just a program that helps students transition from high school to a community college, but it is a program that inspires and challenges students to excel to their best potential. The Summer Intensive Program has given me a path to see a bigger picture in life. It has also given me many opportunities to network and push myself to do better. I am Summer Intensive!!!”

About Andy

Pursuing a Career in Medicine

  • Member of Phi Psi Lambda Leadership Society, Inc.
  • Member, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Member, Judith K. Winn School of Honors
  • Presidential Delegate for Bergen Community College at the Black, Brown, College Bound National Conference (Tampa, FL) 
  • Conference Presenter at the National Council on Black American Affairs National Conference P

from the director

You Belong.

Congratulations on beginning your journey from high school to college – and allow me to be the first to say that you belong! You belong to a program that will guide your academic journey -- you belong to a program that will provide a platform that will launch your professional and career growth – you belong to a program that will open doors and provide access and an environment of success -- and finally, you belong to a program that will accept and embrace the uniqueness of who you are! The Summer Intensive Program is the program for you.


The Summer Intensive Program promotes a sense of belonging. What does it mean to “belong” in the Summer Intensive Program? Feeling that you belong here does not require you to change who you are; in fact, it actually asks you to be your full self—and to help cultivate an inclusive, equitable community with students who are different from you. In the Summer Intensive Program, we aim to connect across difference, to strengthen relationships, to build a community rooted in a culture of caring. We believe that your own unique or special qualities are part of our program and the Summer Intensive community and family. 

Live What You Love

The Summer Intensive Program continues to seek highly motivated students. If you are ready to begin your journey at Bergen Community College and desire to be among a selected cohort of highly-motivated students with access to an extensive student success support network, I invite you to apply. See you in the summer.

Dr. Damyen Davis

Director, Summer Intensive Program

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Summer Intensive Program Brochure (pdf)