Determined Intelligent Valuable Accountable (D.I.V.A. Girl)



D.I.V.A. Girl, which stands for Determined Intelligent Valuable Accountable Girl, celebrates the young female leader.



The mission of D.I.V.A. Girl is to connect young women from diverse cultures and backgrounds, empowering them with tools necessary to step up and become leaders, through student leadership, network and volunteering. The organization strives to unite, engage, educate and support one another, while inspiring them to give back to their communities.



D.I.V.A. Girl combines philanthropy with socialization and professional development. Members of D.I.V.A. Girl are a group of young inspirational leaders who are: Determined…Intelligent…Valued…Accountable Girls. 

The D.I.V.A. Life


D.I.V.A. Girls are committed to...

  • Investing in young women by exposing them to positive experiences while developing their leadership skills.
  • Supporting each other in overcoming barriers and discovering their strengths.
  • Empowering each other to step up and be motivated, inspired and informed about self.
  • Helping each other focus on positive progression in life, with no drama.


D.I.V.A. Girls believe in...

  •  Aiding other D.I.V.A. Girls in working through insecurities and acceptance of one’s self as we are 
  • Developing a unified voice of sisterhood within a safe space.
  • Assisting with the enhancement of young women with reaching their full potential as role models, mentors, and leaders
  • Committing to bringing sisterhood back.


D.I.V.A. Girls Value

  • Healthy sisterhood community
  • Love of self
  • Independence
  • Self-development
  • Education

Sister2Sister Connection

Positive Progression through Sisterhood

SISTER 2 SISTER CONNECTION is a safe space dedicated to promoting continuous growth and development through on-going weekly interactions amongst young women on campus. The collective efforts of the SISTER 2 SISTER CONNECTION is a sisterhood/support system that will aid in the positive progression of the young ladies while at Bergen and beyond.