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Summer Intensive programs and services are linked together by an underlying belief that all Summer Intensive students have earned their academic right to a high-quality education. Our mission is carried out in a coordinated and integrated manner by faculty, professional and para-professional student staff who share in a common vision and sense of purpose. Our programs and services are proactive rather than reactive, comprehensive rather than fragmented, and oriented toward furthering the long-term academic and personal growth of Summer Intensive students. 

The Summer Intensive Program is committed to developing pathways to a student’s academic, intellectual, and professional success. The Summer Intensive College-Readiness & Leadership Development Program identifies students who are ambitious, goal-oriented, pursuing a successful college career and desire to begin early. The program assist students who may not have achieved a college ready score in English and/or Mathematics placement tests. The Summer Intensive Program provides a diagnostic assessment that identifies those areas of weakness that students must address to develop the necessary skills to be considered college ready. 

In addition, a transition program is provided, based on the results of the diagnostic assessment, to address those learning outcomes necessary for a student to achieve college ready skills. Students will be enrolled in a Math or English developmental education course and begin their accelerated developmental course sequence taught by Bergen Community College Math and English faculty. The developmental education course will earn students a grade that will be reflected on their transcript, and although they will not receive college-level credit toward their degree, students will receive a final grade that will calculate into their cumulative grade point average thus awarding them the opportunity for a strong beginning to their academic career.

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With being a Summer Intensive student you can begin your college career with the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed. We could go on, but why don’t you experience it for yourself.



In addition to the accelerated course, the Summer Intensive Program also will engage students in a holistic curriculum designed to enhance the students’ academic and intellectual achievements, career and professional growth, leadership maturation, and civic engagement skills.


One of the best ways for students to prepare for college is to get a taste of college life and academics. The Summer Intensive Program offers a college-level college success course for students to earn college credit taught by Bergen Community College faculty and instructors who assume the same level of commitment and involvement from Summer Intensive students that they do from all college students. 

The college success class is a seven-week intensive, 3-credit course that the student takes over the summer before they begin college. The credits students earn will count towards the student’s degree at Bergen Community College and can be transferred to undergraduate programs at many other universities. The college success course is of no cost to the student. The grade students earn will be placed on their official transcript and provide students the ability to establish a cumulative grade point average before their first semester at Bergen and the opportunity for a strong beginning to their academic career.

If you are ready to make one of the most important decisions ever regarding your academic future and professional career, apply and complete the online application and become a Summer Intensive Student. 


Jasmine Ferreira

Summer Intensive 2018

“The Summer Intensive Program has helped me ease my transition from high school to college. They gave me advice on what do once I start college. They made me feel confident and excited about college. They also informed us about the amazing clubs and scholarships that the college has to offer.”

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