Dr. Damyen Davis


Dr. Davis is currently the Director of the Office of the Summer Intensive Program. Dr. Davis received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Professional Psychology in Chicago where he also served as a faculty member in the Graduate College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. 

Dr. Davis is an active member of the American Counseling Association and the Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development. Dr. Davis’ area of expertise focuses on students of color in areas of academic achievement and motivation with specific interest on developing ways to reduce the attrition rate of African American and Latino students at the post-secondary level.  

Dr. Davis’ area of expertise focuses on students of color in areas of academic achievement and motivation with specific interest on developing ways to reduce the attrition rate of African American and Latino students at the post-secondary level. 

Dr. Davis has experience in devising student-ready adjustment plans. He is particularly qualified in devising primary prevention programs to reduce incidents of student failure in an academic setting. Another aspect of his expertise contains prevention programs through which he has assisted many students who have had transitory problems that eventually affect their course work.  

His teaching and research are tied together by his interests in student development and motivational learning. What is distinctive about his teaching is that he teaches students how to understand themselves as history-makers and subjects of history, and how this plays out in every course of their lives.  

Dr. Davis is an alumnus of a top-ranked HBCU, Hampton University, with a a bachelor’s degree in History. Dr. Davis holds a master’s degree in Developmental Psychology, is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and is founder and President of the first and only leadership society for males-of-color in the United States, Phi Psi Lambda Leadership Society, Inc.

April Harrison, M.A.

Program Case Coordinator

This Education Strategist, Multicultural Student Success Coach, Mentor, and Professor enthusiastically uses her daily interactions with these young leaders, as a life experience platform for their success at Bergen Community College and beyond. April is a member of the African American Women in Higher Education, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, Advisory Board of the Office for Children (Bergen County, New Jersey), Board Member of Project Pixie, and Founder/Advisor of Determined Intelligent Valuable Accountable (D.I.V.A.) Girl.

Her position offers students a comfortable safe-space filled with fairness, encouragement and appreciation, while April listens to their ideas for functionality and positive progression. It is within this setting students are afforded the opportunity to just be, as she assists with the growth and development of the “whole” student.

As an educator, April appreciates being an integral part of a learning community geared specifically for student excellence, as students strive to increase their network and build their brand. She takes advantage of the opportunity to educate, empower, and motivate students; as well as, encourages her population to recognize their own talents, while accommodating their challenges and accomplishments on their unique road to success.

Our Peer Leaders


2018 Peer Leader Staff

The Summer Intensive Peer Leader Program empowers students to create positive change in their environments, are student-led, and thrive within the Summer Intensive community that values and supports students in word and action. The Peer Leader Program provides potential student leaders with opportunities to refine and build upon their leadership skills, gain new knowledge, develop new attitudes, and gain experiential practice in their role as leaders.  Peer Leaders are undergraduate students who possess leadership qualities and are student advocates.  Peer Leaders provide support during the Summer Intensive New Student Orientation, the Summer Intensive Annual Leadership Conferences, during the summer program over the summer, throughout the fall and spring academic semesters.   


2016 Peer Leader Staff

Peer Leaders are committed, hardworking, intelligent, resourceful, and enthusiastic students who possess a fervent desire to work with a diverse population of new students and their family members. Peer Leaders must integrate their roles as college representatives, community builders, programmers, and student advocates.  


2017 Peer Leader Staff

Peer Leaders ensure the social and academic adjustment of newly admitted, first-year Summer Intensive students at Bergen. Peer Leaders serve as mentors and guides for students. Peer Leaders model and teach effective academic success behaviors, study skills and time management practices. Peer Leaders explore career possibilities with students and provide academic coaching.