Parent & Family Center for Student Achievement

Positive Impact of Family Involvement

Research has shown that parent and family involvement is the most important factor in a student's academic success. For many parents of college students, that involvement is limited and infrequent. Both student’s and colleges benefit from the active participation of families in their student’s college process. Some benefits include higher grades and test scores, more positive attitudes and behaviors, higher graduation rates, and healthy self-esteem. The Summer Intensive Program values Parents and Families, as they play an integral part in guiding our students on their journey toward success at BCC and beyond as life-long learners and engaged citizens. It is through this that the Parent & Family Center for Student Achievement was established. 


It Takes A Village


The Summer Intensive Program recognizes the positive impact parent and family involvement has on the retention and graduation rates of students.


The goal of the Parent & Family Center is to assist families understanding of the college experience, and support student learning and academic success. 


Parent & Family Center strives to communicate and work directly with students and their families to achieve student success.


The Parent & Family Center is a resource for addressing the needs of parents and family members of our students.


The Parent & Family Center advances the academic, social, and personal success of students in the Summer Intensive Program through family outreach, engagement, and empowerment.


The Parent & Family Center promotes student excellence by establishing student/parent service alignments & providing relevant workshops and training.

Janeybi Farington

Summer Intensive Mom of Janabi

“I saw that my daughter became more focused at school. She has always had good grades but, there’s a significant change now. She has a plan of what she wants to do, and she is extremely involved in school now. In high school, she was the member of one club, but now, she does so many things, which I like since it looks good on transcripts. Janabi seems more driven, and I think the Summer Intensive Program ignited that drive. 

The Summer Intensive Program is a valuable resource. I think it was what made my daughter love Bergen. She always talks to me about everything she’s doing at school, and once she said, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘I love Bergen, I did not regret coming here.’ If my daughter thinks this way about this school, I know it had something to do with the Summer Intensive Program. All the opportunities that came her way, were because of this Program. 

All the knowledge that she brought home during the summer and during the beginning of the semester came from this Program. I don’t think she regrets attending the second cohort, and as a parent, I don’t regret it either. If there was another opportunity for her to do this again, I will most certainly support that.”

Sister Lovely

Summer Intensive Mom of Quran and Ife

"The changes I have seen in my daughters since being in the Summer Intensive Program have been that of focus, determination, and completion. The support given throughout both of their college life experiences eased a lot of the stress and pressure of “figuring it all out” on your own. They have an extended family there. They take trips that broaden and enlighten their minds, are able to vent to adults that are solution-oriented and wants each student to be the best version of them. The Summer Intensive Program guided my first child to and through graduation for her new journey in life to begin. My second daughter is thriving and soon to graduate. Thank you all so very much and many blessings."

Elaine Sanders

Summer Intensive Mom of Corin

"The changes I’ve noticed in my daughter was that she appeared to be more focused on college and excited about getting there. She also wants to excel and become actively involved in her high school in preparing for college. During the Summer Intensive Program, Corin was excited to discuss her daily activities and gained a better understanding of who she is as an individual. The Summer Intensive Program gives the students an opportunity to understand the process of going to college before going to college. This program is also a vital resource to parents and students who are not fully aware of financial aid, grants and scholarship process."

Martha Cortez

Summer Intensive Mom of Brianna

"My name is Martha Cortez and I am the mother of Brianna, a Summer Intensive student. The changes I have seen in my daughter’s attitude since the Summer Intensive Program have been to become a leader, positive, confident and career oriented. I believe the Summer Intensive Program is a valuable resource to students because of the commitment it has in preparing students for a successful college journey. College can be an intimidating time for young people; therefore, this program is a great start to guide and prepare students for college academically, professionally and personally."

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